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scale your ecom brand profitably

ecom case studies

At ADsorbed, the first thing we do with new ecom brands is run your numbers through our paid social scaling calculator to ensure that we scale your brand profitably.


Anyone can scale revenue via paid ads, but it's very hard to do it whilst maintaining a profitable ROAS. Do you even know if your current ROAS is profitable......

see what these 6, 7 & 8-figure ecom brand owners had to say

some recent campaign results

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brand case studies

Ultimate chic fashion accessories brand.

We've been working with Coconut Lane for several years now in order to profitably scale revenue.

They were facing issues with previous agencies who had scaled ad spend without taking their profit margins into consideration, resulting in increased revenue, but at a loss. Sound familiar?

It's very easy to increase spend, but to do so and maintain a profitable sale is more tricky.

That's why we sat down and analysed every number that goes into producing and delivering a product to a consumer, allowing us to understand exactly how much we can spend on the CPA.

We successfully executed this and scaled spend by 400% from £5k p/w to £25k p/w, whilst maintaining a profitable ROAS.

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Fruity Booty

London based lingerie and swimwear brand.

Over the course of several years working with Fruity Booty, we have managed an increasing amount of ad spend to scale their UK revenue, as well as international revenue, again ensuring this growth is profitable.

We have built a long-term relationship with the team due to having aligned our KPI's and having a clear strategy in place to achieve these KPI's. 

We are consistently achieving > 6x ROAS' on heir behalf, with both the quality of brand & product and quality of ad strategy to thank.

Screen Shot 2024-03-11 at 17.10.24.png

British Lifestyle Fashion Brand


Having won investment on Dragons Den, SkinnyDip launched as a quirky accessories and women's fashion brand. Their predominant sales channel is online but have 17 of their own stores and are on the shelves in 250 others, including Topshop. 

10 years on from launching, SkinnyDip's revenue reached over £12 million in the year 2020, having sold over 1 million products. 2020 also included their biggest collaboration to date, securing a deal with Disney which is on-going. 

We were tasked with working alongside the in-house team to build a profitable e-commerce sales funnel via social media advertising. Our performance and relationship is ever-growing and we look forward to what's to come going forward.


Canned alternative to bottled water selling online & across UK supermarkets & retail stores.

CanO Water was founded by 3 friends who wanted to significantly act on the plastic pollution in the ocean. Since you started reading our case studies, a truckload worth of plastic has been dumped into the ocean. In order to combat single-use plastic water bottles, CanO Water launched with cans of water that can be re-filled & recycled.

In doing so, they've managed to compete on the shelves of every supermarket store in the UK with the largest consumer water suppliers on the planet, including Buxton and Evian. 

ADsorbed began working on a project to help achieve CanO's branding goals of portraying their message to younger & more ethically conscious consumers on social media, who will hopefully be a part of changing this crisis.

CanO Water

Screen Shot 2024-03-11 at 16.35.07.png


E-Commerce DIY Food Kits

Plateaway launched in lockdown 1.0 with sights on the hugely popular and growing DIY Home Kit market whereby restaurants package all of the fresh ingredients needed to make their signature dishes at home.

We immediately addressed the need to scale this service to the whole of the UK and began developing a top-bottom marketing strategy on Social Media. This project was especially enjoyable due to the goal of merging two KPI's into one strategy. These were both brand awareness, in an education sense as this was a relatively new offering, tied in with profitable sales. 

Having taken the necessary time to methodically identify our data-driven target audiences, we were able to take Plateaway and their product to the market incredibly profitably.

Result: We averaged a 5x Return on Ad Spend in the first 3 months and increased sales by 400% within 60 days.


Smart Nutrition UK is a health & fitness supplements brand owned by reality TV star Gary Beadle, famously known as Gaz from Geordie Shore. Having identified the business as one where we could leverage Gary's personal brand of 4.5 million followers across Instagram & Facebook,  with the power of influencer marketing and paid advertising, we knew this partnership would be extremely successful. 

Having worked alongside Gary and the team to generate a healthy amount of content, our advertising campaigns launched on Facebook & Instagram within 4 days. 

Result: In the first two weeks, we increased sales by 264% whilst producing a Return on Ad Spend of 7.5x. As we've scaled our campaigns significantly over the last 6 months to an ad spend of more than £15k p/month, our ROAS has remained stable at 4x.

Smart Nutrition UK

E-commerce health & fitness supplements.

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